Copper Mountain Capital is a money management and financial planning organization. Our mission is to understand our clients’ goals, financial or otherwise, and design a plan and strategy that gives them the best opportunity of achieving them.  We walk with them on their path and help make adjustments as their lives change and when market conditions dictate.

We are students of the market. We spend time understanding the dynamics of the world’s economies and apply those insights to our client’s portfolios. We use state of the art evaluation tools to help us ring as much risk out of our portfolios as possible through broad diversification. We are also very cognizant and work to minimize management expenses and unnecessary taxes which damage long term portfolio returns.

We are also rigorous planners.  We understand that goals that are written are much more likely to be accomplished than if they are not. Once we understand our clients’ goals, we build a comprehensive financial model, forecasting future cashflow, tax exposure and net worth.  Once built, we use the model to identify gaps between our client’s goals and their current situation. That allows us to make recommendations about changes they can make to their current situation to better help them reach their goals.

Our relationship with our clients is very collaborative and supportive. We put your goals first, we work hard to help you accomplish them and take great pride and satisfaction when you do.